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You Can Teach Any Dog at Least One New Trick (??? And maybe more )

Posted on February 24, 2015 at 6:25 PM

For years I thought My dogs’ behavior on a their walks was forever destined to be frustrating, frightening and downright unpleasant. What I didn’t realize was that my dogs were only doing what they thought they were supposed to do. That is they thought they were supposed to pull, bark and go after everyone and everything we passed. I tried to remedy the situation by pulling on the leash, shouting correction commands and even having them sit before we met people or dogs, and although these were all suggested options in most training courses they were all unpredictable and often unsuccessful. Years later, after working with many families and their pooches I started to see that there was a bigger picture of over-all clear communication. Dog training, including dog walking, leash pulling and even leash aggression was all just groundwork set up either unintentionally or planned with myself and my doggie earlier. “Abby… we are going to go on nice, calm and happy walks. Our family likes people and dogs and your Dad will let you know when it’s time for running, jumping and crossing the street.” Well, it took place in a slightly different fashion, but this is what I wanted to say to my 5month-old adopted Shih-Tzu terrier and I now had the skills and the tools to do just that. We all have them! My walks now are leisurely happy strolls and yours can be too. Are you on the same page as your pooch? Don’t wait like I did and remember it’s never too late to train your doggie… and yourself while you’re at it!


Danny the Dog Trainer, head of Bark! Bark! Training; Certified A.K.C. Evaluator, T.P.U. Coordinator


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