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What will my dog do during the temperament test?
All dogs are required to be assessed for suitability in a daycare setting. Staff members will assess your dog’s temperament to ensure there are no signs of aggression, can tolerate dogs of all energy levels, is not toy aggressive and is able to be reasonably controlled by staff members.

How do so many dogs play together and not fight?
Doggie daycare is similar to an indoor dog park BUT with constant supervision. There are three factors that make it a safer environment than you might think. First, there are no leashes. Second, the owners are not present. Many dogs behave aggressively on leash and around their owners. Third, the dogs are carefully screened prior to admittance. While there are always the scuffles that normally occur between dogs, fighting is not a regular occurrence.

Where do the dogs go potty?
Wherever they want! Dog daycare is like an indoor dog park, there are scents everywhere no matter how rigurous we clean. Many dogs will mark their favorite spot when they walk through the door. This is natural in an environment with so many dogs. We have never heard of a situation where the dog transferred this behavior back to their home.

Can my dog attend daycare even if there vaccination is just a teeny bit expired?
Bark! Bark! ensures a healthy and safe environment for all dogs in their care. At NO TIME may a dog enter daycare if any of the required vaccinations have expired. We want all owners to feel comfortable leaving your four legged companion in our hands.

If my dog is vaccinated, does that mean they will never contract an illness?
No vaccine is 100% effective and some dogs can be more susceptible to infection than others. Bark! Bark! takes all possible precautions to eliminate the possible spread of  infection in our facility. We follow a rigorous cleaning schedule on a daily basis. Bark! Bark! notifies all daycare customers two weeks before ANY vaccination expires. Bark! Bark! adheres to a strict vaccination policy and does not allow any dog to enter daycare once a vaccine has expired and will notify customers immediately of any observed signs of illness (coughing, diarrhea, worms etc. ) Bark! Bark! maintains a healthy and clean environment for all our furry friends to play! Just as kids in human daycare, dogs can get the sniffles too. Rest assured, your furry companion will be ready to romp and play in no time.

Is doggie daycare safe for my dog?
Bark! Bark! employs staff members with prior dog handling experience. All daycare attendants are required to have a Dog First Aid Certification within 90 days of employment. Staff members supervise dogs at all times.  Bark! Bark! staff member to dog ratio is as follows, 1:10 or 1:20 based on the comfort level of the operator. It will depend on the physical set–up, specific group of dogs at play and the experience level of the staff.

What about the little dogs?
Dogs can be separated into two playgroups based on size, play style, and age. Keep in mind that accidents and injuries can happen in all facilities. Dog daycare is like a child’s playground, and by allowing dogs to play together there is a risk of injury. Bark! Bark! will notify owners with a report card of any noticed incidents during playtime.

Do I need to make a reservation for my dog to attend dog daycare?
No, feel free to bring your pooch any day or anytime during business hours.