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Bark! Bark! Where Cool Dogs Go

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Bark! Bark!™ was created for every furry family member in mind. Bark! Bark! founders felt guilt on a daily basis leaving their pooches at home for two, three, up to six hours alone at a time. Not only did this cause pain for the owners, but their dogs were lonely as well. Yes, dogs do get lonely. Dogs by nature are pack animals and both canine and human suffer when separated for long lengths of time. So what better way to solve those feelings of guilt? Create a place that is loving, fun, and safe...that place is Bark! Bark! Over the years our Bark! Bark! family has grown to care for hundreds of dogs and put ease to hundreds of doggy parent's mind, knowing their dog is well taken care of and HAPPY! Become part of the Cool Dog pack! Come play with us at Bark! Bark! Where Cool Dogs Go!

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